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Simply detach the powerbrush and Use the lightweight, hose to clean the furniture, drapes, blinds and so much more … you can even groom your pets
• BEAM Central vacuums CAN be installed in EXISTING homes … usually in just one day … without tearing out sheetrock or damaging things

• The VACPAN: An inlet that allows you to sweep up quick spills and use the central vacuum to whisk it away without bending over to use a dustpan ever again!

• Cost: Very affordable … and the system becomes part of your home. The Beam central vacuum system will actually improve the value of your home

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Valley Central Vacuum

Featuring Beam Central Vacuum Systems

You know what a central vacuum is right? A powerful canister is placed in the garage or basement, special tubing is installed throughout the home and a lightweight hose is then plugged into convenient vacuum ‘inlets’.

The Beam system has distinct advantages
over a traditional ‘portable’ vacuum:

• Greater Power: 5 to 7 times the power of uprights … this will give your home, a whole new level of clean

• Greater Convenience: With the Beam Central Vacuum Systems you aren’t limited to only floor cleaning

• Greater Health: Because you are plugging the hose into a sealed vacuum piping system you ensure:

• 100% of everything vacuumed is removed from the living area … this leads to improved indoor air quality, reducing symptoms and improving the health of allergy sufferers and others alike.

• No more portable bags and canisters recycling microscopic dust and pet dander back into the home

• Quieter operation of the vacuum motor due to a patented sound insulation system and remote location of the power unit in the garage or basement

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